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Svetllen is a small kennel of purebred Samoyeds, located on a windswept smallholding between Bronte country and Pendle Hill. Our kennel name is derived from the call names of our first two Samoyeds, Svetlana and Dillen. Our Samoyeds are family: we love sharing our home and life with our dogs, almost everything we do is centred around them, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Although owned by the breed for just under a decade, we’re proud of everything we have achieved with our Samoyeds, who compete in rally obedience, weight pull, breed showing and enjoy Pets as Therapy, hoopers, dryland mushing, canicross, herding, and packing. Our Samoyeds are the first in the UK to win Kennel Club rally obedience titles and currently hold the record for the highest weight pulled by a Samoyed at an AMCUK weight pull competition. I judge Kennel Club rally obedience and am on the Samoyed breed council list as a breed judge.

As preservation breeders our aim is to breed a truly dual-purpose Samoyed: one that embodies the striking breed type and exceptional temperament the breed is cherished for, and is capable of the versatile roles the Samoyed has been bred for over centuries.

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