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We are preservation breeders who aim to breed Samoyeds with the striking looks and loving temperament the breed is cherished for, that are also capable of the versatile roles the Samoyed has been bred for over centuries.

Our primary goal is to preserve and improve the breed, and so we expect prospective owners to have familiarised themselves with typical breed traits and prepare/adapt accordingly, not the other way round: we will not be modifying the physical traits or working ethic of the breed we love to suit the trends and conveniences of the "pet market".


Our Samoyeds are extensively health and DNA tested. They are shown in championship shows and compete in harness sports and obedience, holding Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards, Rally Obedience Excellence titles, Crufts qualifications, Good Hoopers award, Pets as Therapy dog certification, and the AMCUK record for the highest weight pulled by a Samoyed.


Our puppies, like all our dogs, will be raised in our home with lots of love and attention. We follow the Puppy Culture puppy socialisation/rearing programme to give them the best start in life as both companions and showing/dog sports prospects. They will receive all necessary veterinary checks before leaving our home, and we provide a comprehensive puppy pack, including four weeks' free Petplan insurance cover, Kennel Club registration certificates, an initial supply of puppy food, toys, bedding, guides on feeding, grooming, exercise, enrichment, socialisation, and training, and a lifetime of support.


Please note that all our puppies are sold with a puppy sales contract created by dog law specialist firm Wheldon Law, placing restrictions on their being bred, resold, rehomed, and registered abroad.


Enquiries will be carefully vetted and we will need to meet any potential owners before being added to our waiting list. Last-minute applications are unlikely to be considered.

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