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Vandreem Imperial Minerva for Svetllen




Elbow Score : 0/0 = 0 - 10th August 2021
Hip Score : 6/6 = 12 - 10th August 2021
Elbow Score - ANKC Scheme : 0/0 - 10th August 2021
Hip Score - ANKC Scheme : 6/4 = 10 - 10th August 2021
Heart Test : Clear - 1st July 2021
Gonioscopy - PLA : Grade 0 - 20th March 2021
Eye Examination : Unaffected - 20th March 2021
Samoyed Hereditary Nephritis : Clear (N/N) - 14th January 2021
AI / FEH : Clear (N/N) - 14th January 2021
XL - PRA : Clear (N/N) - 14th January 2021
RD/OSD : Clear (N/N) - 17th December 2020

Sonechka pedigree.jpg

Sonechka comes from the globally esteemed Vandreem kennel in Cumbria, which has bred and exhibited Samoyeds for over 33 years, winning 192 Challenge Certificates, with 32 champions, including multi-group and Best in Show winners, and has been Top Breeder for 7 years. Easily shrugging off the challenges being a pandemic puppy could have thrown at her, Sonechka has a beautiful temperament, possibly the strongest handler focus of all our Samoyeds, and has made a strong start to her performance and showing career, gaining her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze and Silver awards in a single testing session at just 16 months old with very little prior formal training, and then Gold shortly after having her first litter. She made her showing debut at Darlington Championship show in Sep 2021, standing alone in her class (placing 1st) in Junior Bitch. Sonechka likes spending her time tracking rabbits and pheasant around our smallholding, training with me, and playing endless games of tag with her long-suffering kennelmates.

Date of Birth: 01 May 2020; Colour: White. Fully Health Tested.

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