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Svetlana Shining Moon over Svetllen (RL5Ex)



Birthdate : 7th February 2013
Colour : White & Cream

Although not part of our breeding programme because her health tests results were not satisfactory, Svetlana is a beloved member of the Svetllen family and the highest achieving of our Samoyeds.

After gaining her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme (KC GCDS) Bronze Award at just a year old, followed quickly by KC GCDS Silver and Gold awards and Pets as Therapy Dog certification before the age of two years old, in 2017 Svetlana became the first Samoyed in the UK to achieve a rally obedience title, representing the North England team at the Crufts Rally Obedience Interregionals in 2018 after only a few months of starting to compete in the sport. She then climbed through the ranks in rally obedience, gaining her RL3Ex title in 2018 in under a month, with a hat-trick of three first places in three shows. This was soon followed by her RL4Ex title, and after a break due to COVID-19, her RL5Ex title – the penultimate level in the sport – in 2021. Not content with that, Svetlana also bagged a Good Hoopers Bronze Award in 2021 and has been briefly worked as a sheep herding dog in her younger days. Svetlana is our first Samoyed and the reason we fell in love with the breed. Although never bred from, her intelligence, versatility, and tenacity stand for what we aim to achieve in our breeding. When not trailblazing in the performance ring, Svetlana likes taking us for walks to follow rabbit trails, digging holes, sunbathing and just being a sheer joy to share our home with.

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